I now have a wiki. I'm planning to basically just fill this with various obscure stuff that I learn, that don't seem to have a place elsewhere.


I now have a blog. I put some stuff there, and then realized what I really need is a wiki. Because I'll want to update things as I go.

Recent projects


animated gears, rendered in SVG


It's a time zone visualizer. Because I find timezones to be difficult to think about. And I couldn't find an existing time zone app that did what I wanted, so I made one.

whiteboard drawbot

thingiverse link example drawing: bulbasaur
AKA polargraph, polar plotter, etc. Designed and 3D printed by myself, with inspiration and concepts drawn from other's designs. The graphics code is written in python (and is not very polished) and generates gcode to be executed by an unmodified ramps board running Marlin.