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TODO features

features that I have added or implemented

a kind-of implementation of backlinks is in _layout/page.html. It looks for wikilinks (links like [[this]]) in markdown or html.

This implementation is very hacky. I don’t think there’s a good way of actually doing this with the standard github-pages jekyll config, I think it’s worth setting up a CI-server and using a plugin or something to make backlinks automatically (such as maybe this one: )

Another problem with doing it this way is that every page must search through the content of every other page to look for links. (so that’s $O(n^2)$ on the number of pages, right?) This would probably be a big problem if I had a significant number of pages. So, good luck with that, future-joules.

list of all pages

I can do this with a liquid template:

{% for page in site.pages %}
{%- if page.published != false and page.title != nil -%}
* [[{{ page.title }}]({{ page.url }})]
{% endif -%}
{% endfor %}

enable autolink extension in _config.yml (ref

generate and serve the site locally

  1. install ruby
  2. add Gemfile:
source ''
gem 'github-pages', group: :jekyll_plugins
  1. bundle install
  2. run it like:
bundle exec jekyll serve --livereload
  1. optional: automate it with a justfile
  bundle exec jekyll serve --livereload

reference links