First post in blog: Hello World!

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I made this blog just today because I wanted a space to write stuff down, and to show to my friends when I'm interested in something, in a more skimmable format, instead of subjecting them to a long rant about some arcane topic. (more of that kind of writing to come, hopefully).

I wanted to have some kind of generator that made the different posts, but the few blog generators I have found are very heavey-weight, and it seemed like a lot of effort to learn. So I hacked together a relatively simple thing with a makefile and two bash scripts! The code is here . It's pretty simple: there is a template for the header and footer of a pate, and a bash script concatenates them. Another bash script assembles all the resulting filenames into an index file, listing each blog post. The makefile handles listing those files and dependencies and stuff, so it doesn't generate everything every time (although it probably could, it's not very much work).
To run it, I made a script that uses livereloadx and inotifywait to auto-refresh the browser and auto-regenerate the html files.



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